Bulls Hire Tom Thibdodeau

This is about 12 hours old but I thought it deserved a mention.  According to the Tribune’s K.C. Johnson and multiple other media outlets, the Chicago Bulls have hired Tom Thibodeau to a 3 year deal.  The hiring will not be officially announced until after the NBA Finals.

My reaction to this hiring is I love the hiring.  I was on the Thibodeau bandwagon 2 years ago before we hired Vinny and we didn’t even give Thibodeau an interview.  And based on the poll over at Blog-A-Bull, many Bulls fans share my same feelings.  Thibodeau is regarded as a work-a-holic and a defensive guru and many players including Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett speak very highly of him.  It also doesn’t hurt that Thibodeau recently signed William Wesley as his agent (see post below).

More good news is reports say that Thibodeau is reaching out to Thunder assistants Ron Adams (was an assistant here last year before he left for Oklahoma City) and Maurice Cheeks to be assistants for him here in Chicago.  Maurice Cheeks was an early favorite for the head coach position last week and would be great for Derrick Rose since both were point guards from Chicago.  Kevin Durant tweeted his disapproval of both coaches leaving his team to go to Chicago earlier today.  There is also a rumor that Scottie Pippen might be considered for a coaching spot but I highly doubt this is true.  The Bulls will hold onto Pete Myers although adding Scottie would be awesome.

Bookmark this page as I’ll keep giving up updates on any rumors/news I see over this crazy offseason.  Hopefully it ends up with the Bulls greatly improving their roster for next season.  And don’t worry fans of the Blackhawks, Cubs, Bears, and White Sox, this won’t be an all-Bulls blog.  I’ll have a Blackhawks Stanley Cup Final Game 5 preview up before the game tomorrow as well as any news I hear from our struggling baseball teams.


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